Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home sick with a cold today. Oh, winter... On a happier, prettier note that has nothing to do with that piece of info, we finally explored a bit of Marin a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous. I wanted to go back immediately. This is a view about 10 minutes from the Golden Gate bridge, so about 15 minutes from where we live. In the city. Unbelievable! We then stumbled upon this place...

Such a fun little inn/English pub in the middle of the country. We totally enjoyed the old-worldish atmosphere. Picture- low ceilings, leaded windows, walk in fireplaces, wooden beamed ceilings, large wooden tables, candles, etc. So cute! Loved it. And the ham sandwich and chips were delicious! Yum. 
Low light=flattering. Blurriness also helps... :)

The day ended with a walk on Stinson beach (also amazing. If you are in the area, go.) and getting our our Christmas tree!  Christmas in the city is pretty magical! Trees and lights and decorations everywhere, I love it!! 

Union Square!

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  1. have a blog??? Not sure I was supposed to find this ;-) I saw you actually pin-ning today and then fell into an internet rabbit hole. Love the glimpses of your new place! Hope all is well. I am reading a book by a journalist in France who got to interview Christian Lacroix - thought of you :-)


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