Away we did not go, and happy 2012!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So... We did not end up going on the gypsy-boho adventure over new years. To my great disappointment. Why, you might ask? Well, after days of phone calls and emails to the place to try to pay, they didn't return any of my calls or emails. Ugh. You would think with this economy, or with business in general, they would want the money? Anyway, New Years was spent at home, which was fun, just not what I had wanted. Isn't that always the case with New Years? 

Now onto life in 2012! Yesterday, we started a 2 week cleanse of healthy eating, and lots of doing without delicious things. We've done them in the past, and while I always feel very virtuous, they are really not very fun. Afterward, and I would say during the second week though, you do feel really good and healthy, so there's that... I really wish I could just stay in bed during the cleanse though, or at least just in the house... Why can't today be cancelled?! Lovely idea...

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