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Sunday, January 22, 2012

{via my Pinterest. I think..}
I love inspiration boards, collages, bulletin boards, collages... Whatever you call them, I love them. Love the temporal and haphazard way they are put together, and the organic nature of how they grow, and what is chosen to be added to them. Fascinating. I think it speaks to my indecisive nature. Things on there are not so important to be framed and hung on the wall, but something that strikes your fancy and you want to look at it, at least for now. Snapshots, drawings, postcards, invitations, mementos- all tell a story about the person who put it together and what they find inspiring and important. I have several inspiration boards/wall around the house, and of course the fridge in most peoples homes turn into a kind of inspiration board of sorts. I remember having one ever since I was a little girl and I've had one ever since. This isn't mine, but it is exactly the kind of jumble of things that I love to look at. Perhaps I like them so much because I am a bit nosy too?

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