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Monday, April 16, 2012

School updates! Exciting, I know. Especially when there aren't too many updates to speak of as much as more of the same. Homework, homework, homework! So, on the subject of school,  Fabulous Fabric of the 50's ,  is a really great little book with amazing color palettes, patterns and ideas. If you are interested in vintage fabric at all, you'll love it. I have used it for inspiration and color ideas numerous times. 

Vintage flower color palettes? 

 Just pretty...

{images taken from Fabulous Fabrics of the 50's}

Monday's are a school day for me, which makes it an even longer way to start the week. How optimistic, right? I know... But, I am done with all my workshops, all my computer classes, and have one more class called "Working Long Distance" and then just my master class that I'll be in until I graduate. Yay! Progress feels like it is slowly but surely being made! Nothing really to show at the moment, as everything is in various stages of the design process. Currently in progress are Vintage Flowers, Scarf, Toile, Brocade, Jacquard, Florescent, Color weigh-in, and random other designs. I am hopeful that each of those will not take forever, but I am trying to appreciate the process as much as the finished design, as that is where you learn and grow, and the process is part of the art. As with everything, it's a process... HA!

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