All my bags are packed!

Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm ready to go... Tomorrow we are leaving on a jet plane bound for Peru! Lima! Cusco! Lake Titicaca! (Ha!) Finally! I am always planning trips and dreaming of adventures, so to actually be going somewhere tomorrow... I couldn't sleep last night with anticipation, and I love sleeping. A lot. Except if it's Christmas Eve. Or my birthday eve... And the night before a trip like this!

I'll probably be too un-technologically savvy to figure out blogging while I'm there (and also want to experience where I am and not always trying to document things as I'm doing them. Although.... New goal- need to get better at taking more photos. Pronto.), but I may be updating my tumblr and my instagram (@sarahbyork) if you would like to follow along...  Adios America! Hola, Peru!

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