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Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday! Even though I have just been back in the country and paying attention to this thing we call "time" for only half of the week, I'm still ready for Friday. Oh, to be back on the road without a care as to what day it is. Ahh.

Anyway, have you been looking at the S/S fashion week photos from New York? It amazes me how these fashion labels can churn out beautiful clothes and come up with new ideas, season after season. There really is endless creativity in the world.

Marchesa (ooh, even the name is delicious) is always one to watch, and this was quite a spectacular collection:

Marchesa's fabulously girly-luxe-goes to India! Love it. 

The pink is so shocking and so good. 

A bit superhero-ish. But in a good way. Don't wear wrist cuffs with this. 

60's mod-bohemian-fantasy wedding dress. I would get married (to Michael again) on the beach in India in this. I would say barefoot, but have you seen the shoes?!

And this color blue is just beyond gorgeous.

{all photos via}

BEYOND. Gorgeous. Please wrap me up in this and call it a day.

 Have a great weekend. I'll try to get my act together and post more about Peru for Monday. Ciao!

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