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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

As you may know, especially if you live in Australia, Australia has some amazing fashion talent. They also have some amazing design talent and all the blogs I read from Australia seem to be spot on cool and pretty. Is it because they have so much open land that they are so creative, or is it something in the water?! I have a major crush on Australia! Beaches, the Outback, the surfy-fun outdoor lifestyle... Plus, it has Koala's. Enough said.

Anyway, I was browsing a great textile/design blog from Australia today and came across these:

{Photos via, from Australian Vogue}

Josh Goot, you are channeling my wannabe surfer-girl meets fashion tendencies!  I was especially sad that I was not a surfer after seeing Blue Crush. (Anyone else?) I'm from Santa Cruz, which is Surf City USA, so I have some surf cred (Cred! I am already talking like a surfer!), but am not quite a "surfer"... Anyway, I think that might be part of the reason I'm so drawn to these neoprene, surfery, scooba, bathing suit, ensembles. Here are some favorites from his recent 2013 collection:

Cute dress! Very sporty on top, and I'm digging these two patterns together.

Love how he carries his vision into the way the modeled is styled like she just got out of the ocean. She looks tan and salty.

A bit 80's (kind of reminds me of a sweatshirt), but the 80's and Australia together hold a fond place in my heart, so I'm a fan.

Awesome pattern and great use of the pattern on this dress. Would love to see this in person! According to, Goot was inspired by his natural environment in Australia- the Great Barrier Reef, animals, flowers, etc. 

Again a little 80's, but the print is super fun.

{Photos via}
I think this is a favorite. A little bit of a neutral texture on the bottom, and then that gorgeous top! Again, with the pattern and the perfect use of it. Definitely looks like a psychedelic vision of an underwater reef. One, that I would like to swim in... Good'ay! 


  1. You are hilarious! Love this blog, and laughed out loud when you mentioned Facts of Life Down Under! Heehee!

  2. Wow! These designs are so cutting edge. Love the silhouettes. Thanks for finding this! -Yasmin (BYW)

  3. Hahaha, I also felt like this when watching Blue Crush - great finds!

    Susanne (byw)


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