Pattern Friday!

Friday, October 26, 2012

As one who is drawn to patterns, colors and textures of all sorts, these images are making me happy today. Oh, and it's Friday, so that doesn't hurt either! I am off to catch my bus to work, so can't write for long. Enjoy the weekend! I'll be back here soon....

{Ikats via}


Doodle, by me!

This was taken at the Houston airport. I liked this pattern in one of their little restaurant/cafes. Does anyone know the name of it? 


Inside a vintage book at the Goodwill. A treasure trove for patterns! I love to wander around and just look at the cool stuff. Sometimes they come home with me, but sometimes looking is enough.



  1. Love the bursts of patterns! Such a great way to bring color into, well, anything. I feel you on the vintage book patterns. I wish we still did that for all hardback books. Just a nice pop of design and color before you begin your reading...

  2. Oh, I love that you focus on patterns and textiles! It's been my latest obsession (I'll thank pinterest for that). Do you think ikat is too trendy and will go out of style soon? I can't get enough of it. ~Becca from BYW


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