Peru Part 4- Lake Titicaca!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The final part of our trip to Peru, took us from the mountain town of Cusco, to the even higher town of Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca. But first there were some stops along the way....

 One place we stopped had an odd little museum of Peruvian mummies. This was the main attraction. They had signs that likened these mummies to aliens, but really they just thought elongated skulls were more stately, like the Egyptians, so these must have been royal people. Creeped out? It was creepy in person...

A little market along the way. Loved all the vendors' hats! 

More Incan stonework. This site (I can't remember the name) was an important trade center between Lake Titicaca and the Sacred Valley. Now it is a tourist stop on the road between the two. So, still important... 

Here I am, just hanging out, looking at the stonework...

The Andes!!


Vicunas! These are the national animal of Peru. They are kind of llama-like, but they have longer necks, are more skittish and their fur is SUPER valuable. Like, $500 for one pound of hair. They used to make the royal Incan garments from Vicuna hair. And then, in a little shack next to these animals and the bathroom, there was a room with this: 

Wallpaper! Vintage wallpaper, that was just hanging out. It was gorgeous, and falling-apart vintage trunks were stacked up in corners and a thatched roof overhead, with cobwebs and the sunlight shining through. I'm not sure how a wallpaper display ended up here, but I enjoyed it.

Love it. Especially in the incongruent environment it was in.


And now we come to Lake Titicaca! Finally! The highest navigable lake in the world. 

Viva Peru! This on the boat ride to the Uros Islands- the floating islands of Lake Titicaca.

Bienvenidos los Uros! 

A view of a large island in the Uros. A whole community lives on these, and they all travel by boat to go to school, restaurants, etc.

We climbed onto a local boat, that was a tour with all local people, so we didn't quite know what was going on the whole time... From the limited Spanish we know and trying to interpret the body language and gestures, we picked up a bit (and we read the guide book!).

The islands are made of the reeds that grow in the lake and they build them on top of the squishy root balls. They have to continuously replenish the reeds on top as the ones on the bottom decay, so as you walk around, they are springy, and some spots you feel as though you may fall through. 

Casa Andina. Our hotel was a luxury hotel in Peru, and it was a nice treat after camping for awhile. This hotel had a lovely view, and the best cookies that I may have ever had, ever. They had a plate of cookies for us when we arrived, cookies at the happy hour in the bar, and the same delicious cookies at their brunch. I ate more than my fair share of cookies over the two days. They were that good (Or I was just really hungry and starved for cookies?). Apparently (I asked the front desk), they have an amazing pastry chef. I would go back to this hotel just for the cookies. And the view, I guess. 

Another view of the lake

We went for a little boat ride, on a reed boat, which was quite enjoyable. I loved the fact that it was decked out with pom-pom fringe. Cool.

And, Puno.... The city by the lake. We didn't explore all that much, just wandered around on a Sunday after our excursion to the islands. The altitude was so high, that it was rather slow going with anything we did. I did get to wander around a crafts market, that I was much too excited looking at all the textiles and forgot to take any pictures. 

I did manage to take a picture of this cool door (shocker.)! It was the church in the main square, so of course the door was awesome. 

The color is just perfect.

And the tile pattern at the base of the door is so colonial. 

And then, bam! We're in Lima! We only had the day to spend there, so instead of rushing around to see everything for two seconds, we instead chose to hang out in some of the boho neighborhoods by the beach. Barranco and Miraflores.

LA 73 in Barranco was outstanding. Don't mind the empty tables. We got there well before dinnertime, around 4, but had skipped lunch, so didn't care to wait. Michael had the ceviche (which I tasted, and though I am not a huge fish person, it was actually quite good), and I had the gnocchi. Delicious!!! We finished the meal with some warm churros with chocolate sauce, and although I was beyond stuffed (and gobbled them up to fast for a picture! Again!), they were worth it.

Oh, and the Pisco sours were amazing too! The best I had in Peru. We walked around a bit more, then left that evening headed back to the US. 

Looking back at our time in Peru, there were so many fun and unforgettable experiences. I was truly tested with the hike, but learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. Yay! It was an amazing trip, and truly reminded me of why I love traveling. You have to be flexible, make due with what you have, make new friends, be kind to others, get inspired, see the world in a new way, experience new things, give people the benefit of the doubt, learn, grow, think, have patience, and adapt to different cultures... I can become so caught up in my own life here in the US, and get used to all the conveniences that I think I "need". Traveling breaks up the routine and reminds me of the bigger world out there. I love that. I would love to go on a longer trip to more places, or travel around the world for awhile. Although to some people, it would see that I have been a lot of places, I feel like there is so much of the world left to see! The more I travel, the more I want to travel! Does anyone know the feeling? Now, where to next?!


  1. Wow, first time visitor to your blog and I feel like I've been on one wonderful trip. Absolutely awesome photography and I love that there are pictures of the wallpaper. My favorite. And well, the mummies, yes creepy!! I'll be back soon. Thanks for the trip!

  2. I have always wanted to visit Peru! these photos are lovely, thanks for sharing! :]

  3. Another one for my travel list. Such lovely photos sarah.Have a good evening x

  4. With kids and especially with one still small, we tend to now go to less "adventurous places - so, it is great to travel a bit on somebody else's blog ! And I'm sure you got some great inspiration for textiles as well - with those wonderful patterns in some of the pictures. What a great trip !

  5. I understand very much what you say about traveling. I have been abroad last year 220 days and it makes you a different person. For me, traveling opens the mind in any sense, it educates and makes you me more generous. I hope you will be able to do world trip one day!

  6. WoW, STUNNING photography and WHAT a great trip you must of had. you have though made me INSANELY jeal ous now, just STUNNING. Thank you SO much for letting us travel with you.

  7. I was just talking to a coworker about her recent trip to Peru. Did you buy any alpaca wool products? The colors are just beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  8. I was just talking to a coworker about her recent trip to Peru. Did you buy any alpaca wool products? The colors are just beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  9. What an amazing trip you're having in Peru! I love to travel, too, although with 3 kids now, we can't do that much any more. I also love interior design and fashion. :) Nice to meet you on the blog world! Your fellow BYW student, Kaho

  10. I know exactly what you mean when you said traveling only makes you want to travel more. We've gone an international trip every year for the last four years (once with a six month old!) and we've decided to reorder our lives to make sure we continue to do so. Frequent flyer miles on the hated United and planning years in advance, well, its worth it. We even joked that if having a second child means no more trips then Toddlerpants is going to be an only child. We're...mostly...kidding about that though. :)

  11. Hello from the BYW Comment Train :-) Thanks for sharing these great photographs from your amazing trip!
    Best wishes, Jenni


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