Monday, November 19, 2012

Persephone Books is a gorgeous independent bookseller in London of books that are "neglected fiction and non-fiction" about women and written by women. The shop is located right around the corner from where I lived while in London (how I miss it!), and I so wish I would have known about the shop while I was there. Alas, I was busy gobbling up digestive biscuits and going to school! Most of the books are unknown so I don't have any recommendations per say (I did recognize this one, which made a cute movie), but you can order a subscription for a book a month and just get whatever they happen to send. So fun! What a great gift! Anyway, besides the books being interesting, (literarily) they are pretty! Each book comes in a lovely gray dust jacket, with fabric endpapers and a fabric bookmark. 

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These are persuading me to read more. As long as pretty fabric is included!


  1. I love your new blog look! You truly have an amazing eye for design and color. Please keep enlightening us with your ever-evolving knowledge of all things artistic.

  2. More books should have pretty patterned endpapers!

  3. I could never become a book club member because I would keep the subscription until I was 90! I'd say it was about the books but it would really be for the fabric.


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