Happy 2013! Wait, what?

Friday, January 4, 2013

{One of the few photos I did take during the holidays. Union Square!}

Was it just me, or did December fly by in a whirl of parties, sugar, and champagne? Not a bad way to spend a month, really, but now that January is here, I am trying to remember what exactly I did and why I do not have very many photos to show for it. Hm. A new years resolution on my list is to take more photos! I do love instagram and should use it more, but I always forget, or feel the whole "I should be experiencing, not taking photos" dilemma. I also got a camera for Christmas, so I am excited to start learning to use it. Another new years resolution is to blog more, and after completing a blogging course (which I feel like I haven't really been putting to the best use), I really need to get my ass in gear. Making too many resolutions never seems like a good thing, but I feel like the great Bridget Jones said something about the pursuit of manageable changes being good for you in and of themselves. And I won't argue with that; she ended up with Mr. Darcy after all. 


  1. Happy New Year Sarah!
    Hard to believe that we are almost into the second week of January! Where did 2012 go?
    Hope you have a great one though and how exciting - a new camera! Look forward to seeing more of your photos. :)

  2. Thanks Renae! Hope to have some photos to show soon!


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