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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{all images from Mociun}

I love jewelry ( I mean, who doesn't love jewels?!), but I am not a huge jewelry person. Don't get me wrong, I love a shiny gem and embellishments probably as much as the next girl, but I am more for quality over quantity these days. And I don't quite have a budget line in excel devoted to jewelry. Do you? (If so, can we be friends?) In other words, because I cannot afford quality gems, I just don't wear that much, or buy that much. My days of cheap jewelry from H&M, Target and Forever 21 are... Well, I won't say "over", as I can't say I will never succumb to their fashionable wares again, BUT, I am making a concerted effort to buy beautiful, sustainable, conciously made things and that applies to jewelry as well (also see: No blood diamonds or similar). And while some jewelry meets that criteria and is reasonably priced, I believe in building a collection slowly. 

Some jewels that I would LOVE to add to my collection are from Mociun.  Let's take a look.

Turquoise. Yes.

I am on a turquoise kick. Can you tell?

These are also lovely, and not turquoise.

 Custom work. YES. In Emerald (the color of the year!), my birthstone. Hooray! Now, if only this was for me...

Or this one. I'm not picky.

Or this... Bling! 

Lastly, this one. Gorgeous. Perhaps I do need a budget line item for "jewelry" after all.


  1. That turquoise is incredible! Gorgeous gorgeous

  2. I love how they look very polished but with a slight rustic edge...if that makes any sense whatsoever. They are like Deco's country cousins (in a good way).


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