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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lately, I have been thinking about quilts. Recently, I was thinking about these quilts from Gee's Bend that I saw at a museum with my mom a few years ago. Lovely, abstract and modern. Then I heard about this event at the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild, which I am quite excited about attending. So, imagine my delight when I saw these quilts by Meg Callahan.

From her interview on Sight Unseen, Meg explains why she began this process, “I started making quilts because I really like the aesthetic nature of things, but I also like figuring out how things are made.” More quilts and interview here.
This one is my favorite. I love the simplicity of the lines and color. 
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I think I need more quilts in my life.


  1. Thanks to you, I found out about the event just in time! Fascinating discussion. I can't wait to take my aunt to see the quilts (she's a quilter).

  2. Did you end up going? Some of the quilts were really cool!

  3. I went to the panel discussion -- fascinating talk. My aunt couldn't come so I'm going to go again this week. Did you go?


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