Thursday, February 7, 2013

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Do you ever see things that are completely unknown to you, but immediately you're like- "how did I not know that such gorgeousness exist?!"? This happened to me when I saw this post on Biyan. Apparently, this designer from Indonesia has had his own line since 1984. He is known for his particular design aesthetic and craftsmanship in his embroidery and beading. He shows at Jakarta Fashion Week and is also sold on Net-a-Porter. So, apparently, I should pay more attention to the smaller fashion weeks out there (or shop on Net-a-Porter more often?). But really, there is only so much time. Is it someone's actual job to pay attention to all of the fashion weeks in the world (I think the answer is yes)? Wow. Anyway, since that is not my job, I had to do some immediate research and catch up on the beauty I had been missing.

This peach dress (and in blue!) is my favorite. Let's take a closer look....

Ah! The swiss dot detail, plus the embroidered flower motifs are calling my name. So pretty! 

Love all the handcrafted details of these clothes. 

The patterned beading on this is insane. 

And those earrings! Hello.

It never ceases to amaze me how many amazing designers are out there and all the creativity that abounds. Mind blown, Biyan.

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