I want to go to there. Kantha quilt edition!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Did everyone have a good weekend? I'm still thinking of quilts. And I know 30 Rock is over (still need to watch the final season!), but its still relevant, right? Anyway, back to quilts. Kantha quilts are originally from India and Bangladesh out of old cotton saris. They are pieced together and the delicate "kantha" stitch is where it gets the name. I think they are lovely and  I need one in my life. Let's take a look:

These images are from kantha quilt section on The Family Love Tree. An Australian company (of course! Those Aussies are cool). I seriously want to move right in to every photo. I mean, a wicker peacock headboard and kantha quilts? In a white space? This = my happy place. 

{above images from here}

Another great source for a kantha quilt or scarf is Anchal Project. They are an organization in India that empowers women by giving them a way to get out of the commercial sex trade through education, business and design. The women make these quilts and scarves and in doing so, better their life. It was started by two RISD students, which so inspires me, because if they can do something to change people's lives, why can't I? What a great organization. Go read about it here

{images from Anchal Project}

Another source for kanthas is Connected Goods. Handmade, artisan and fair trade. 'Nuf said.

Lastly, I'll leave you with some vintage pretties from Australian textile extraordinarre, Sally Campbell. If you are interested in textiles, you will love her site. So gorgeous. Here is a sampling of her vintage kanthas:

One of these (or two, or three... ) is definitely on my wishlist. And a trip to India, please! I really want to go to there.

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