Lunch Hour Adventures!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sometimes on my lunch hour, I am not in the mood to linger around Union Square and look at all the ubiquitous chain stores that are never ending.  I am in need of fresh perspective. Or rather, old and used perspective in the form of the Goodwill. 

They have the best patterns at vintage and thrift stores! Loads of inspiration for really cheap, or free if you just take a photo.

Weird scarf, dress thing- but gorgeous pattern. Love it.

This was another favorite. It was also Antik Batik! Tres chic, but with a hole. Ah well...

Great texture. Very inspiring.

Love the watercolor effect on this one.

 Which one is your favorite? And tell me, how do you spend your lunch hour?


  1. Love this!! Is there anything better then vintage fabric? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Um, nope I don't think so. :) Always so fun to discover!

  3. I love the second and last ones, so pretty! Wish I did something fun on my lunch hour, I just eat lunch.


  4. I usually skip straight to the home section at Goodwill, but apparently I'm missing out! Some of these would make pretty pillow covers.

  5. I was surprised by all the cool patterns too! You should definitely check next time. :)


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