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Friday, February 8, 2013

{Home of Mary Nelson-Sinclair via. Originally from Lonny}

I love Pinterest. If you don't already use it (where have you been?), go and see what you are missing. Basically, it's an online "pin" board for your favorite images online. The image goes onto your "board" and it links back to the original source, so they get credit and you can find it again. Genius.

{Jeffery Bilhuber}
Since I am a visual person, I love looking at all the pretty images, but sometimes I feel like this site is giving me pretty image ADD. I just keep looking and pinning. Sometimes when I am on a website with a lot of pretty things, I just pin without really looking closely. Does this happen to everyone, or is it just me?

My next Pinterest problem is that I don't go back and look at the things I have pinned as often as I pin new things. There are some amazing things already there, and I feel like I could learn and be inspired by many of them. But, do I go back and look? Usually, no. So, today, I am going back and actually looking and culling a few of my favorites. How does everyone else manage this? Also, the super pinners with thousands of followers and pins... Um, how do they do this?

Wallpaper is my homeboy. (Ha. Get it? Home-related cheesiness)

I looked at just my Interiors board to start. Interestingly, many of the images I liked, I had re-pinned more than once. One I even found 5 or so times. Oops! How quickly we forget. This does, however, make me think that I do have a particular design aesthetic that I keep going back to. Layered, eclectic, a tiny bit modern, natural elements, definitely not minamalist and with a bit of boho-prep thrown in. Is it just me that sometimes I get confused as to what I actually like? Maybe its the PADD (Pinterest ADD) Wait, what? Back to pinning. :)

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