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Friday, February 22, 2013

 Happy weekend, folks! We made it. Even though this was a shorter week for me (President's day!), it felt long (How does this happen?). So before I go open a bottle of wine and toast the weekend ahead, I thought I would reflect on a few things...

I won these bowls from Furbish  on the delightful blog, Smashing Style. Thank you Ashley! They look fabulous and it made me so happy to win them. Who knew bowls could bring such happiness?

Next up... On Monday, Michael and I walked around Golden Gate Park for awhile, which we should do way more often, as it is so lovely and peaceful and we're so close. Somehow, I forget until each time we go back again. 

 Also, still adapting to my new camera, so just trying some things out...

Lastly, I am mildly obsessed with this hair cut:

I haven't gotten a proper haircut in far too long (I can't even say, and will not mention that I might have tried to trim my own hair. Eek! It looks so easy, right?!). I'm thinking I need to change it up a bit. 


  1. San Francisco is such an awesome city! My husband and I took a trip there last April and loved it! Oh and I am a huge 49er fan ;)
    Don’t be ashamed, we have all tried to trim our hair at some point! For me it was trimming my bangs :( This haircut looks awesome by the way!

  2. EEK!!! I LOVE the bowls (and the picture). So happy you won & are enjoying them!

    I also love that hair-cut, so chic.



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