On shopping conundrums and shoes!

Monday, March 4, 2013

{a view of Cusco, Peru}
Have I alluded to that fact that I have recently been going through a moral shopping conundrum? Well, its true. I love pretty things. I love new things. I love fashion. Yet, I've been feeling a certain unease lately about the things that I buy. Not the money, per say, but the cost of how something may have been made and who it then costs. In the past I've mostly based my decisions on whether I liked something and if I could afford it (and sometimes not even that second one. Eep!). After watching movies like Half the Sky and reading books and articles about labor practices and how much the US seems to be driven by consumerism, I really have felt like I can't go on living blindly and consuming so much and being so thoughtless of how my purchases affect the rest of the world. Also, I could be doing more good with my money.

The more I think about it, I realize that what I have done in the past is not the way I want to shop, going forward. Instead of buying the most trendy, new thing, I have made a decision to really think about my purchases and decide if they are worth it. I need to consider who made it, how it was made, whether it is harmful to people or the environment and if I really even need it. Most things do not pass all of these tests. Sadly, this makes purchasing anything kind of a challenge. I'm not perfect (I mean, Target is so darn cheap and cute. But are they ethical?!), so this is an ongoing problem that does not have an easy solution. With all that said, I'm committed to doing my best and still looking good!

Imagine my delight when I found a shoe company that is based in the US, with shoes made in Peru! Nisolo Shoes employ Peruvian shoe craftsmen, who now have access to a larger market, and are able to make a living and expand their businesses. Which leads to a better life for them and their families, and give them the ability to hire workers, etc. This is the kind of business I want to support. Plus, the shoes are super cute!

I think these will have to be added to my closet, soon. Now to decide on which color...

This is just my kind of outfit. Skinny jeans, blousy top and flats. And I recently talked about my newest fashion must-have, the Panama Hat, over here.

And I can't decide which sandals I need for summer. All of the above are my top contenders. And they do mens shoes too! And accessories!

{images via Nisolo Shoes}
What are your thoughts about how or where things are made? Does that influence your shopping decisions?


  1. I totally feel the same way! I used to just buy frivolously, but now I actually think about what it is I’m purchasing. I hate to say it, but I think, in my case, it comes from getting older :( And that being said, those gladiator sandals are amazing!

  2. I hear you, sister. It's so easy to walk into Forever 21 and snatch up a $12 shirt (that will likely disintegrate after 3 washes), but true lasting pieces should have a story behind them - of fair wages, quality materials, and craftsmanship. I really love this post, and can't wait to buy some of those shoes! xo!

  3. Lauren, I totally (hate to say it too!) agree, probably getting older and wiser... :)

    Becca, so true. I'm trying to forgo all the fast fashion, but it isn't easy when it is so easy and cheap! Love how you mentioned that there should be a story behind lasting pieces. That is what I want!


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