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Monday, June 10, 2013

Recently, I think I've mentioned that I've been trying to draw and create more. Since I work full time, and have not had a ton of spare energy lately, this has been somewhat of a challenge. And while I have loads of ideas during the day, once I get home, they seem to magically evaporate and sitting on the couch eating peanut butter and watching Felicity sounds infinitely more appealing. 

When I do overcome the Felicity/Peanut Butter trap, I have been having so much fun coming up with patterns, painting, drawing, and just creating. It's so satisfying!  Of course! I know this, so why does it surprise me? 
A wise artist (Michelle Armas) recently gave me this advice: ". 1. create limitations, as if you were working for a client. Only four colors, here they are. Or, a theme, and stick to it until you really hash it all out. Something unrelated, and amazing with come to you, especially with a lot of practice. 2. Begin right away with one gesture, color, idea. Just one thing, right away. Then react to it. Sometimes its good to start like five things, then put them away. When you are have a hard time getting started just pull one of the just started pieces out and it will seem fresh, and original to you." Brilliant. She is, and her work is. Also, her blog is pretty great.

And so, I started with a cat, and came up with this:

{Copyright Sarah York 2013}

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