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Thursday, June 6, 2013

{all images via Amber Interiors}
Really loving this sweet nursery by Amber at Amber Interiors.  I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but we are expecting baby York this fall. We are a bit terrified (isn't everyone?), but so excited, and needless to say, nursery design has become a more interesting part of the design world than it has been for me in the past. Instead of thinking vaguely, "that's a nice idea for someday", I now think, "hm, that's a nice idea, but how to make it work in the baby's room/current closet?".

Really love the dream-catcher with pom poms in the window. The closet, ahem, I mean nursery, has a window, so this could actually happen.

This moses basket and stand are the cutest and so simple. Need to find these...

I love that the whole thing is simple and doesn't scream ugly/garish children's room, as so many kids rooms and things are prone to do. I love the white walls, white furniture, colorful accents... Perfect. And although this skews a bit girlish with all the pink, it could just as easily be neutral or boyish with a few accessory changes. We'll see in a couple weeks which way our nursery needs to go.

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