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Monday, August 19, 2013

My computer crashed a few weeks ago, and made me realize how completely dependent I am on it. It was a sad, depressing time, only made okay by the fact that I had everything backed up on an external hard-drive. After some debate about whether Mac's are worth the money, how much it will all cost, etc., we bit the bullet and I am the owner of a new computer. Oh, so shiny and new! I love it. So happy to have a computer again!

With a new computer though, all my favorite, bookmarks and things that my last computer remembered are all gone. So, I have to find my favorite places and blogs again, and try to remember passwords and logins long forgotten. This has led me to re-discover and newly-discover some inspiring people and things around the internet though, and that is what I share with you today.

Filling up my pinterest "color" board with all sorts of inspiring palettes from all sorts of places. Sometimes pinning can get to be a bit much, but I've been trying to go back and actually look at things, which helps.

Have you heard of the florist (which does not even seem the right word for the beauty she creates) Saipu?

Unbelievable. Her flowers remind me of the Dutch master still life paintings. And she owns a flower farm in upstate New York, which sounds like hard work, but rather idyllic. Her blog, chronicling her life and flowers is a fun read.

{via saipu}
This movie looks so pretty and French. I don't even know what the movie is about after watching, but I want to see it anyway. 

Filling my urge and inspiring my wanderlust are the following blogs:

First, Nomadic Habit. A blog about couple traveling around the world. AH! My dream. They just completed a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and their photos and writing are great. My need to do this just quadrupled. 

Then I read this blog, Superfussy. And they travel around the world with their child! Attainable, aspiration blog! We too could do this. Perhaps not looking quite so bohemian-chic, but certainly the rest of it. Michael?
And lastly, but not leastly, is my globe-trotting sister Leslie. Her blog and adventures always make me want to throw in the towel and join her on a beach somewhere in Thailand, or wherever she happens to be going next. 

That's it for now, but more soon! xx

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