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Friday, December 6, 2013

With a new baby, there is not much time to do anything, let alone write a blog post. There is ample time  however, for watching entire tv series on Netflix (Currently, Parenthood. Next up...?) as well as surfing the internet (with one hand! I might be becoming ambidextrous!).

Anyway, here are a few things I like around the internet lately:

{found here}

This photography series by Tadao Cern of people sleeping on the beach. So delightful.

Jenny Andrews Anderson's series of Jellyfish paintings. Gorgeous, ethereal, a bit creepy. Perfect.

I missed the Sally King Benedict "Faces" sale on, they sold out quick! With good reason. These face paintings are so cool. Maybe next time! If you aren't familiar with her work, go take a look. Great stuff.

Camel tassels from Walter-G Textiles! So fun and festive. I think it would make a great holiday decoration!


This blog about a family driving from the US to the bottom of South America in the VW van. 

I read the article about them in the New York Times, and was instantly intrigued. And lets face it, a little jealous. How fun would this be?! Michael, Violet, are you in? Memories to last a lifetime and my hippie fantasies fulfilled! Hurrah!

And last but not least, and not on the internet.... I love getting to spend all day with this sweet little girl. The best!

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