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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

{practicing with my camera! Look at me! Growing already!}

I have been reading a lot on various blogs, about choosing a word of the year.  While I didn't think I would join in, a word came to me as I lay in the dark waiting for Violet to fall asleep one evening, so here I am.

 My word of the year is: grow. The verb grow literally means: to undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity. I want this! I want to grow as a mother, wife, sister, friend. I want to grow a community. I want to grow as a person and become more of who I am meant to be. I want to grow as a follower of Jesus. I want to grow in my compassion and love for others. I want to grow actual plants! I want to grow in my photography knowledge/skill. I want to grow this little blog of mine. I want to grow as a designer and take risks and step up to challenges. I want to sell one of my designs! (Anyone interested? :)) I want to put myself out there more and not be concerned with what people think or overthink things too much. I want to grow my dreams and my imagination.

 I like the process of growing, which takes time, preparation and work. Growing is a process. I don't have to have everything all figured out immediately or become instantly better at all of these things. Growing takes time. Perhaps my word for next year will be bloom? Blossom? Harvest? I love a good theme. 

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