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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oh, you weren't? Well, I was. I mean, I have a baby and I like wallpaper. Those aren't really related, but what made me think of both in the same setting was the show Call the Midwife. Have you seen it? It's a BBC import (on PBS in the US- also on Netflix) about midwives in the East End of London in the 1950's. If it doesn't sound compelling from that description, just trust me. It's quite good. A lot of birthing scenes (to forewarn you, so if you aren't into that, you may not enjoy it). Seeing as I just had a birth scene of my own, this was a perfect time for me to find the show and not care about how many babies they show being born. It also has compelling characters and stories, so if you're not so keen on birth stuff, there's that too. And it's set in the 50's which if you are into period dramas of any kind- you will love it as well. But, I digress. There is also wallpaper! The production design is so lovely (done by Cara Walker and perhaps others?). Even if they are supposed to live in the poor part of London, the wallpaper they have is very pretty.

Here are the midwives riding through the streets of London. Wheeeee!

My apologies for the crappy quality of these photos. I couldn't find any good source online that talked about this, so these are all screen grabs (except actual wallpaper, as noted). If you want to get the full effect, and see these in-situ, watch the show. Or you can do some further digging (which I will try to do- and update as I can), as these all seem to be current wallpapers that just look as if they could be from that era. That is what you call classic.

This wallpaper in particular was a very cool Jacobean pattern.

Again, that wallpaper. I digress here, as I thought the pattern on her dress was quite unique. I wonder if it's a vintage dress?

I couldn't get a good close up of this, but you can see if better in the show. And if you do go to the trouble to watch and then remember this, you will see a very cute children's pattern.

This was a gorgeous wallpaper. So 50's, but also very reminiscent of this Rubie Green wallpaper:

(Speaking of, I can't seem to find this company anymore. Have they closed?)

A close up!

Very English.

This was one of my favorites:

It's actually this wallpaper by Nina Campbell. Gorgeous.


With the black trim, and kind of dingier, it looks divine.

Another favorite. And with the black trim, again (!) really cool. There is black trim/moulding in a lot of these scenes, and I have to say, I love it. 

 Do you watch this show? Do you like it? Do you obsess about random things like wallpaper and interiors of shows and movies like me?

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