Pattern at London Fashion Week - Fall 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

You know what you can do one handed? A surprising number of things! Including catching up on fashion shows while you hold feed/rock/sway your baby your other hand (And type this blog post! whee! Look at me!). 

I know I'm a bit behind, London is after NY after all, but I'll try to catch up. I was too enamored with all the printed goodness coming out of London not to share it first.

Let's start with Paul Smith:

Look at this Baroque goodness! I mean… Can I design for you, Paul?

This scarf was also very fetching.

Next up Preen:

These Islamic/geometric prints are quite cool. 

Another cool print.

This isn't a print, but lacy white shirts are my thing. I love them. So, I love this.

This, however:

These Star Wars iron on decals I do not love. Why?

Let's move on to Temperley:

So pretty! I love her mix of patterns in a single print.

Oh, if I had the money and hips to wear this.

Also her placement prints are divine!

This is slightly reminiscent of quilts and Japanese fabric.

Here I am feeling Chinese or Russian embroidery. Either way, it's good.

Now, lets wrap things up with Duro Olowu:

Pretty prints as far as the eye can see.

Tropical done right. All these prints look really fun to design.

This mix of patterns is my fave. 

Again, the mix of patterns!Gets me every time.

So good. 

Stay tuned for more. Or just go see all the collections here:
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