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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This wallpaper is blowing my mind. And by, blowing my mind, I mean,  I love it.

{found via}
By Ziskova. Gorgeous, gorgeous, perfection.


This gorgeous collaboration from one of my favorite textile designers, Helen Dealtry. They are all sold out (boo!) but still, so pretty to look at. 

This lady keeps turning out the most lovely work. Maybe I'll ask for one of her paintings for my birthday…

Or, one of these scarves from Block Shop Textiles. Everything they do is amazing. Love.


I don't remember where this photo is from (eek! Sorry. Do you know?), but its perfect. That painting and sconce. YES. I want to see the rest of this house.

Now,  I need to get back to this little lady: 

So that's all for now!


  1. you can find more about that space here (use the Google image look-up - it's awesome!)

    And I think we may be decor kindred spirits:) Love it all.

    1. Ah… Google images. Of course! Thanks for the reminder. :) And thanks for commenting. I'm not surprised we're on the same design wavelength... You're work is gorgeous, so I know you have great taste!


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