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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life at home with a 6 month old seems to go by in a flash and also slowly meanders on day by day. I love being home with Violet. And being able to do things like arrange flowers on a random Tuesday afternoon is so delightful. These lovelies are from Trader Joe's. While I am not a TJ's fan, I still go for their flowers and wine. Both of which never disappoint.

She's so peaceful sleeping in my lap. I have a hard time putting her in her crib! Am I crazy?! Probably.

Waking up to flowers in your living room makes the day better already.

And this face. I'm so lucky! 

And then, you get a package in the mail with samples of new designs you've been working on. I am thinking of using this in V's tiny room. Wallpaper! More info coming on Friday!

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