Turkey feet

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Remember when I went toTurkey, oh… About a year ago? Then I never mentioned it again? Oops.  I am really behind...

I would love to go back to Turkey, and there is so much of the country that we didn't get to see. It was  gorgeous! And the people were so friendly. Also, the food was great and the weather was warm (Are you booking your tickets yet?). It was really such a lovely, lovely country.

With all that said, I'm still rounding up the best photos of the trip and trying to compile them. Why/how does this take so long!? (Any tips for streamlining photos from travels? )

I found that I took photos of my feet in various locations. I didn't realize I took this many, and thought they made for an interesting series.

As a side note, these sandals were from Payless and I paid maybe $4 for them. They were also some of the most comfy and cute sandals I have ever owned and lasted for years. They finally gave out after this trip and I was so sad. RIP Payless sandals. You are missed.

Do you take feet pics like this when you are on vacation? More Turkey, coming soon. And by soon, I don't mean another year. 

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