Two things. Exciting things!

Friday, May 2, 2014

First, I am the featured textile designer today on Pattern Observer! A big thank you to Michelle and Chelsea! I have been reading since the beginning, so it's a big honor. 

 Secondly, I'm opening a Spoonflower shop! You know the company where you can buy fabrics, wallpapers and gift wrap that you design yourself? Or from a designer like me, who has gone to the trouble of designing for you. So much talent already on there (and let's be honest, some crap), and now me. I'm starting small, and not everything is available for sale yet. But they will be soon!

 The samples I've received so far are actually pretty good quality. Some better than others. While not quite the beautiful, luxurious fabrics that I got used to from my former employer, these fabric qualities are more affordable (!) and still lovely. Order a $1 swatch booklet if you want to see all the base fabric, paper options. I'll provide my opinion on the fabric qualities soon. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I saw your feature on Pattern Observer and made my way here. Your patterns are stunning and vibrant. I love. Congratulations and welcome to the Spoonflower community. I am on there as well.

    1. Thanks Darnita! Just found you on Spoonflower as well. Love the watercolors!


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