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Monday, June 23, 2014

Woah. Howard Slatkin's Fifth Avenue apartment is amazingly over the top. Which I both love (that wallpaper!!), and kind of hate. Is that a thing? I don't think I could live in such a crazy place, but when I see places like this, I am enchanted and sucked into their fantasy universe. Although,  I think my level of personal mad-cappery is not nearly on this level. 

And the dusting… How does one even start to clean this place? I'm sure Mr. Slatkin's maid is intimately acquainted with how one goes about this.

But, I mean look at that wallpaper!

{images via and here}
There appears to be a very intensive volume about his apartment, if you care to investigate further. Looking through my Pinterest board of interiors, I seem to vacillate between excessive and more sparsely decorated spaces. I think I'm drawn to the look of more, but would rather live with less. All that said, who doesn't like to look at pretty wallpaper that one could never afford. Right?

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