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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ha! If you read this blog (or know me in person) you will know that I am a sucker for a pun. I know, I know, the lowest form of humor, but still. I find them very amusing. The worse they are the better! I can't resist. 

{by Happy Menocal}
On that note (See what I did there?), I am in the market for an e-vitation as Violet is almost one already! One year old. I can't. even. This year has flown by. Obviously. Isn't that what all mothers say? It's true though. I totally get it now. Also it seems like she was born forever ago. Ah, motherhood. Anyway, I was looking at Paperless Post and they seem to be where its at in terms of online invitations. 

{John Derian}
They have a slew of invitations from John Derian! I love him and his aesthetic. His store in NYC was one of my favorites.

{Kelly Wearstler}
Ms. Wearstler. So many good designs to choose from.

{Oscar de la Renta}
Classic, fancy goodness.
{Julia Rothman}
And some more modern invites. You really can't go wrong here.
{Virginia Johnson}
Decisions, decisions! What says, "I am a wonderful little girl who is turning one and would like to see you at my party (as told telepathically to my mother)"? I'll let you know. Now, go here!

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