Day 4- More Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

This was not meant to be a pattern a day filled with nothing but Christmas patterns, but I am so enjoying listening to Christmas carols and smelling the Christmasy candle that I buy at Anthropologie every year (Mulled wine. Trust me, it smells just like Christmas should), that I couldn't help myself. 
A little vintage Christmas ornament action for you.

 I'm really enjoying hand painting everything. There is so much computer generated stuff out there, a lot of which is great, but a lot of it is not my personal taste. I am much more drawn to the imperfect, natural, hand done things. They have a warmth and character that are hard to achieve with just computer generated patterns. That said, I need to challenge myself, so maybe I'll see if I can make a fully computer generated pattern soon. See you tomorrow!

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