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Friday, June 19, 2015

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but one of my favorite resources to spark a new idea or get me out of a creative rut is to peruse magazines. I know, it sounds like such a chore. ;)
Magazines have come (or gone) a long way, and I love the resurgence of specialty magazines that are now popping up. A new one I just discovered is Cabana Magazine. A quite expensive, Italian specialty magazine, and OMG, does it look good. 
The magazine describes itself as an “intellectual and emotional intimacy with buildings and their surroundings … the intense relationship of thought, place and the person.”  So… mostly an interiors magazine, with a splash of a lifestyle/fashion/essay/photography/antique/textiles/luxury/ whatevertheywant magazine- I think? I haven’t actually read it, just read about it online and oogled all the images I could find. They also have a spectacularly good Instagram account.

So far they have collaborated with Pierre Frey and Etro on their covers, so they have a high quality of taste and it makes each issue unique and collectable. Love, love, love. I need to find one in person…
They also have a 1st Dibs store where you can buy past issues of the magazine and a curated collection of items. Bellissimo! 

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