some things! Wednesday edition

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hi Friends! I normally wait until Friday to post this list of things, but its been awhile and I thought you might need something to read today. And hopefully you'll be leaving for the long weekend a bit early on Friday...

This video of the amazing weaver Maryanne Moodie.

I want to do all of the hikes. Bucket list dreams!

This article had me majorly re-thinking my airline mileage collection. I am a slacker and need to get on it! This guy, while seeming a little lonely, has airline travel mastered.

Living in a house on wheels never looked so cool. Except for my faves over here. We will be living in our own (well, a rented VW for a week) in less than a month! I can't wait.

You may have seen this article about the not-so-glamourous side of travel, but if not, its worth a read. And their Instagram account is very pretty.

Now, we are off the to zoo and I have work to do! Enjoy your week and weekend! xo

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