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Friday, October 2, 2015

This house tour in T Magazine. A combination of so many things I love. White, pattern, antique textiles, bohemian. Major dream house aspirations.

The movie Iris is now streaming on Netflix! Such a fun and interesting movie. And I didn't know she started Old World Weavers, I love their fabric. And I love Iris!

I love the selection at this online store. They also have a retail store in Salt Lake City, which looks lovely. Also the founders seem pretty cool. I love this especially!

Yesterday was Pumpkin Pie Day! A tradition in my family. I'm so glad pumpkin season is upon us! I think I may have perfected my pie crust recipe, but I need to try this first.

And to end on a tragic note, these stories posted on Humans Of New York from the refugees in Europe is heartbreaking. But worth reading all of them. And donating if you can.

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