Can we talk about our fantasy interior designers for a minute?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

{If you click on each image it should take you to the source. I found all of these on Pinterest and Google image searches}
Ben Pentreath. I would hire him in a minute (given that I don't have to pay. I don't have the money to hire the designer to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). I think my ideal designer lineup would be something of a mix between Ben, Jenny (she has the best taste), and Jersey Ice Cream co. And maybe whoever did Carolina Irving's apartment

But for right now, let's just take a look at Mr. Pentreath. He also owns a fantastic looking store (Pentreath-Hall) in London that I need to visit. They write a delightful blog, if you're interested.

I keep trying to decide if I like all the super simple white wall, minimalism I see on Instagram and "like" or if this is more me. I love pattern, there is just no way around it. Maybe a mix of both?

Granted, he has some rather fabulous structures to work within. Older houses are the best! I mean, that fireplace and the built ins! I think its a Georgian townhouse in Bloomsbury. 

And his lovely country home in Dorset.  

The gardens are especially lovely and done by his talented husband, Charlie McCormick. More about there garden, here.

Do you have fantasy decorators, or is it just me? 

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