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Friday, February 12, 2016

{this is me in real life}
Hi there blog friends! I've been neglecting this space for awhile, mostly because I don't have the time but also because I am torn a bit about what to write, how to share, etc. This has morphed from my personal blog to professional blog and I feel like it got slightly  a lot less interesting and much more generic and business-y. Blogs are meant to be fun and personal and the ones that I read and resonate with are the ones that share about their life. Even if its someone who I respect or follow professionally, I still like to hear their random thoughts and bits about their life, because it makes them more interesting in their work as well. I read this post's comments on a blog I read and totally agree. I still like blogs and think there is a place for them (not just the fancy, sponsored ones), so I think I'll be throwing those "how to blog" course teachings out the window, you know the ones that tell you your blog needs to be one thing- professional, personal, just about design, just about cooking, just about your dancing cats, etc. So, I'll try to be more real and just share things that are interesting whether work, life or anything else. Hope you stick around! xo

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