Happy early Easter!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

With each project I feel like THIS is the most exciting one, but since each project feels that way, I think I am just super lucky/blessed/thankful that I get to do this. Finding this career and then working for so long to make it a reality has been wonderful and so much work. But it's work, so that makes sense, right?! Anyway, back to my latest project! Easter eggs for Tesco's Finest. I worked with the  Elmwood Brand agency out of the UK, and it was just a delight. Painting and designing this kind of abstract design was really nice, especially because I do so many florals. I just wish I could pop over to England and see/buy/eat them in person!


These photos were taken at Tesco by my super sweet friend and fellow designer in Wales, Ceri. Thank you Ceri!!!

If you're in the UK, pop over to Tesco and check them out! 

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