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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

***So, this post was written awhile ago and I just never hit publish (who knows why...), but I never mentioned the move, etc, so here it is, just to catch you up. 

I haven't really had the time to keep up with all that's been going on, the past few months have been a whirlwind! Moving! Working! Toddler! Home Buying! New Baby- coming soon! Whew. 

Goodbye San Francisco. We loved you for the almost 5 years we lived there, but it was time to go.  

And we moved to Tacoma, Washington! We've been here about 6 weeks so far and we love it. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful!! 

It's so green and there is so much water! Also, Mt. Rainer is so close, it shocks us everytime we see it and I'm just kind of in awe.


Beautiful downtown Tacoma, lots of cool old buildings.

I don't have photos of any of the new friends or people we have met yet, but I must mention them-people here are so friendly and welcoming!

Can we talk about the flowers?! We moved in May, and there were SO many flowers everywhere, I was in heaven. Now there aren't so many, but still its very green and lush. 

Apartment living. 

One month until the new baby is due! This pregnancy has flown by and I am excited and also am curious to see how life will go with two little ones. I'm trying not to have too many expectations and go with the flow. I think seeing Violet and her brother together may make my heart explode! Do all parents of more than one child feel that way?

Basically, we love it here. Being born and raised in California, I will always love it, but I am so happy to be living in Washington!

Ps. Baby River James York was born on August 10th! 

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