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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I recently worked on a project that I was unable to finish for a number of reasons, but I thought that it might be  interesting to share for people to see how a design project goes or at least where it starts.

The client gave me a few words and brands as examples to start off with (which I'm not sure I can share...), then I came up with two mood boards that gave the idea of what kinds of patterns would we were after. Here are the boards:

{images mostly from Pinterest}

One "bright" idea and a "light" idea. I really liked the direction these were headed, so I was bummed not to be able to follow it through to the end, but that's life. Now if only I could show you the designs! Sadly, the backup drive they were on crashed and I'm trying to have the files recovered. I was/am horrified, but hopeful everything will be able to be saved. Wish me luck. I'll share the designs when/if I can! 


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